Costa Rica Wants You to take Selfies with these Animals


Costa Rica has begun the #stopanimalselfies campaign, and in keeping with the fun-loving attitude of the Pura Vida lifestyle, they have suggested an alternative - stuffed animals in exotic locations. From the airport to the beaches and everywhere in between, the Ministry of the Environment, in conjunction with the Tourism Board, have placed these plush proxies where you can take the perfect picture everytime and show that you are doing your part to keep Costa Rica's animals safe and happy.

In this lush country, animals and nature really are up close so it's tempting to make it personal with a wildlife selfie. But sometimes  when we go out of our way to pose the shot, or we follow them into their habitats, or even capture and restrain them to get that perfect photo, we can put too much stress on the animals. And we can put ourselves in danger, too.

You can still take a picture with a live animal in the background and your family in front. Just make sure you keep a safe distance and make sure the animal isn't cornered. If you see signs of stress from the animal, just walk away.