Holidays in Costa Rica


While every day may feel like a holiday in Costa Rica, there are actual holidays that are celebrated with fiestas and fireworks. Here in the Guanacaste we have so many ex-pats from Canada and the United States that we also celebrate Halloween. We also celebrate Thanksgiving twice: first on the second Monday in October for Canadians and then on the third Thursday in November for the U.S.


January 1st:
New Year’s Day, celebrated all around Costa Rica with fiestas and dances of different types. Fiereworks are also very common.


March 19th:
Dia de San Jose. St. Joseph’s Day, the patron saint of San Jose( Capital city and province of Costa Rica.)


Mardi Gras:
Fat Tuesday, celebrated with live music, parties, parades, and in Flamingo Beach a "drag" race with men in dresses and ladies in mustashes.


Easter: (Semana Santa).
Holy Week, Semana Santa. Dates of this Catholic celebration varies annually.


April 11th:
Juan Santamaria Day (National Hero of Costa Rica). This Public holiday is to commemorate the national hero that fought at the battle of Rivas against the North American William Waker that invaded Central America in 1856.


May 1st:
Labor Day. El dia de los trabajadores.



July 25th:
Annexation of Guanacaste Day, This day celebrates that the representatives of the territory of Guanacaste decided to be part of the country of Costa Rica in 1824.


August 2nd:
Religious celebration that conmemorates the Patron saint of Costa Rica. Virgin de los Angeles Day.


August 15th:
Mother’s Day ( Dia de las madres.)


September 15th:
Independence Day from Spain since 1821. Big parades of school bands.


October 12th:
Day of the Discovery of Costa Rica by Chirstopher Columbus. Big carnival is held in the weel prior to this dates in the province of Limon.


November 2nd:
(Dia de los muertos) All soul’s Day


December 25th:
Christmas Day mostly privately celebrated by each family.

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