Sailing Trips

This is why you came to Costa Rica

Gliding through a sparkling sea with the sun on your face and an ocean breeze at your back.
Watching the dolphins play in the waves as you sail past beautiful beaches with green mountains beyond.
Schools of tropical fish swim beneath the keel and reappear on the other side.

Sunset and Snorkeling Cruise
The crew greets passengers at the beach and brings them to the boat in a safe and sturdy panga, the local version of a small motor boat. You and your guests will be given a brief informational lesson on the features, amenities and safety considerations of the ship. Then the sails are raised and the fun begins!


As you unwind on the deck, the crew will set sail for a secluded bay, complete with a beautiful reef, gentle waves and a sandy beach just waiting to be explored. On the way you can expect to see a variety of sea life, including tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, sting rays, urchins, star fish, and sometimes even whales. When you arrive, you'll be provided with mask, snorkel and fins to explore from a fish eye view the many plants and animals that make the shallows and beach their home. Floating "noodles" and life jackets are also available if you just want to relax leisurely in the sea.


On the return trip you'll experience one of Costa Rica’s most amazing wonders -- a stunning sunset on the sea.


Beverages, lunch and snacks are included. All boats carry safety equipment.

Special Event Charters
Book a private charter for your special occasion. Choose a sailboat, catamaran or pontoon, whichever is perfect for your family reunion, anniversary or anything else you want to celebrate. The elegance of a sailboat is the perfect setting for your special event. Special requests for food and beverage can be accommodated and catering from local restaurants is also available. Bring your own music and  let us take care of the rest.

 Reunions -- we'll help you plan a day of fun in the sun with your extended family or favorite friends.  You'll feel like you're on your own private yacht as the crew takes care of your every need while you relax on deck and visit with those special people in your life.

Anniversaries -- a private sunset cruise with champagne, a gourmet meal and chocolate covered strawberries will make you say "I do!" all over again.


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