Sport Fishing

Welcome aboard our sports fishing charters, where you can test your strength and endurance against a variety of game fish. Our boat captains will take you where you'll find the best fishing in the Pacific.
Half and full day fishing charters available.



Costa Rica is known around the world for sports fishing and its reputation is well deserved. Many of the original anglers from 20 years ago are now the captains of the boats that will take you to the best fishing spots around Flamingo, Tamarindo and the Papagayo.


If you have your own equipment, you’re welcome to bring it, but if not, everything you'll need is onboard, including safety gear, radio and radar. Drinks and snacks will also be included.


All our sports fishing boats have similar amenities, gear and equipment. If you have specific requirements for you trip, contact us and we'll make sure we match you with the right captain, crew and rod to make this your perfect fishing trip.


If you don't have the ability to cook your own catch, many local restaurants are happy to prepare your catch for you. We will be happy to suggest our favorite places or feel free to ask the captain and crew.


Here's a list of what you'll find in season:


Fishable year round, but by far the Golfo de Papagayo is the best place to fish them, with November to March being the best months. They're normally caught at a depth of 50 to 60 feet. Catching a giant rooster is an incredible Costa Rica fishing experience.


Fishable year round, though the very best is from the middle of November to the beginning of March and then again in August and September. Definitely a memorable Costa Rica fishing experience.


Fishable year round, but May through August, when the anchovies are running, are tops. The slowest period is normally August to November.


Wahoo, aka  Ono
Active around the rainy season, which starts around the middle of May. Most active between July and August. Generally caught near rocky marine topography points of land and islands, though once in a while you'll encounter one further offshore.


Dorado, aka Mahi Mahi, aka Dolphin Fish
Best months are May to the end of Ocober, during rainy season when the rivers are flooding.


Around all year, but the best catch is between August and October. Both yellow-fin and some big-eye are found just off-shore around Flamingo, Brasilito, and Tamarindo (accessible in half an hour or less, depending on the boat). Sizes range from about 10lbs up to the occasional monster trophy fish of 400lbs.

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